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Is Cunt a Bad Word?

My college placed a huge sign in the common areas saying Cunt to publicize a book with the premise that if you say the word enough it will loses its power and no longer be derogatory. Obviously I support freedom… Continue reading

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i concur and i wish to make a website to unite everyone with simular veiws to have all hippys unight and stand up once again to save the world from its misery. because america  is making me sick

I live in Australia and i agree with what has been said here. America has really gone and fucked things up good.

i don't know if its America but iam diagnosed with depression , see there's a fake hippy group in Ottawa Canada that is based on popularity and like the two old lady's wares the beef wares the love , they couldn't care if you were hit on the side of the road, ware having the control of peoples minds , who should they like and lie and justify why they treat is more obvious satanic rather then white witchcraft and awareness and looking within, I knew some of the real hippies from 60,s in Victoria bc some of the people that new them not all, but have sold out , I knew the revolution the feeling in the air they were truly magical kind and guiding enlightened ones , I want to flee the Ottawa east and never look back , its like satanic robots destine to destroy one another till no ones standing with no ability to reason common sense, if they pretend there your friend and the fruit is bad count on it, we've entered a time of mass dumbing down and robotic control that is why were getting things like depression and sick its a reality of a fucked up b grade movie Hollywood style, 60 were just a prophesy of things to come more music and drumming circles, paw wows very much more powerful then looks, before they draw in armagedine there devoid of common logic and think in pride, but know not what they do and don't care at all at what cost no wonder were getting sick are spirit knows