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Politics of Vandalism (1968)

Politics of Vandalism (1968)

by Stanley Cohen

Deviant behavior is not a static category: an act must be so labeled by others. This means that the sociologist should be on guard when society (or powerful groups in society) designates certain… Continue reading

A Yippie Manifesto

A Yippie Manifesto
by Jerry Rubin

This is a Viet Cong flag on my back. During the recent hearings of the House Un-American Activities Committee in Washington, a friend and I are walking down the street en route to Congress… Continue reading

The Young Lords (1970)

The Young Lords (1970)

A group of revolutionary Puerto Rican youths have occupied a church in El Barrio, New York City’s Puerto Rican ghetto. They have renamed the church La Iglezia de la Gente-People’s Church.

Until last Sunday, this church… Continue reading

Why Women Aren’t Liberated Yet (1969)

The Grand Coolie Damn
By Marge Piercy

The movement is supposed to be for human liberation: how come the condition of women inside it is no better than outside? We have been trying to educate and agitate around women’s… Continue reading

Underground Woman! (1970)

By Mary Moylan

Mary Moylan was one of the Catonsville 9, who destroyed draft files at a Selective Service office in the suburbs of Baltimore on May 17, 1968. The 9 were convicted of two federal and four state crimes;… Continue reading

Women’s Lib Organizations (1970)

By Karen Durbin

In attempting to put together an alphabet soup of the women’s liberation movement, I began to feel that I was assembling some sort of descriptive telephone book for a small city. With each new discovered and defined… Continue reading

Revolt in the High Schools (1969)



THE words of the school board were unimpeachable: It is the aim of our high school to encourage students to freely express themselves, in writing… Continue reading

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