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Truth or DARE

Old Hippy,
I have 3 girls the oldest is 8. I have been smoking without fear for many years. Now, since they have introduced the Dare program where I live, I am paranoid of what they are teaching my kids. I’ve heard horror stories of them encouraging children to rat out their parents. I have always been careful, I don’t leave stash or pipes laying about. But the other night when they had gone to bed I smoked some then the next morning the oldest asked what that smell was-I lied and said it was my sage incense. Do I have reason to worry?

I agree with the programs teaching against white drugs and I certainly don’t advocate smoking until they are much older. But encouraging  kids to rat out their parents seems like the book 1984 and it pisses me off. I consider myself to be a responsible loving parent and I get enough crap in the south for being a pagan parent- now this. What does Dare teach?

Thanks and peace.

I suggest you look into the program more (they have a website, I believe –
full of propaganda of course). I’ve read studies that show that kids who
are in the DARE program are MORE likely to get involved with drugs (the
program DOES talk about many drugs, some of which most kids have never heard
about! doesn’t it?).

The important thing is that if you have any doubts about it, YOUR KIDS DON’T
HAVE GO! You can let the school know that you DON’T want your kids to
participate in the program. You could also organize other parents who feel
the same way. Of course then you and your kids are singled out, which can
be a problem in some communities, but at least YOU’RE taking a stand against
the brainwashing of your children (of course, that’s what school is for,
isn’t it?).

I know many parents who for various reasons, including this, have opted to
put their kids in private schools, or do home schooling. Do you want your
children to become programmed consumerist zombies? Do you care what kind of
ideas your children are being fed by the system (and their programmed
peers)? If so then you have options you should consider. There are
alternatives! Check them out!

I hope you can guide your children with truth instead of lies.

-The Old Hippy

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