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Confused about Communism?

Hey My Old Hipster!
I think it’s such a great thing your doing ’cause there’s so many
confused young hippies out there like me! I’m quite interested in communism but I
can’t quite make my mind up.I think I know the very basics ( equal rights,
power to the people etc) but I can’t figure much more out. You only get 2
types of info about it that which is too small (ie. encyclopedia) and
that which is too long (I read a book about Marx and just got so confused I
had to go for a smoke to clear my head!) I think it could be quite a good

If you could explain to me what the basics are so I can make my mind up
I’d be well chuffed! Also do you know anything about the Young Communists if
I like the idea I may join.

Cheers bro,
Peace, Love and Happiness
The Stinkin’ Hippy.

P.S. Why is it every one I know who smokes pot is a dick a bout it ( the
most get high must get absolutely wrecked on any manky shit in any manky
way in the same way as people drink to excess as appose to me who does it to
chill out listen to tunes and OPEN MY MIND, why can’t there be anyone cool

Dear Stinkin’ Hippy
Once upon a time, many hippies embraced communism. It’s a great theory
proposing that everyone should have equal power and wealth. But that’s the
problem. It’s just an economic theory that lacks respect for individuality,
creativity, spirituality. By forcing people to conform, yield to the power
of the state, which then determines what’s best for you and everyone else,
you end up with the worse totalitarian systems. Don’t think so? Look at
the former Soviet Union, Red China, North Korea, even Milosovich’s Serbia.

The problems inherent in communism become apparent when power becomes
consolidated in the hands of a few. Power corrupts, absolute power
corrupts absolutely! That statement pretty much sums it up. In practice
communism concentrates all the power, thus corrupting those on top and the
whole system. The other failing is that humans aren’t just needy, they’re
GREEDY. The failure of the communist regimes was that those with the power
were the only ones able to satisfy their greed, while the rest could barely
meet their needs. So far from creating a worker’s paradise, communism in
practice was nothing more than a huge slave camp, with the workers toiling
away for the benefit of a few powerful comrades (party members).

Capitalism succeeds because it rewards any individual who contributes to the
system, regardless of their political status. It is caters to human greed
rather than ignoring it. So the more you work the more you prosper. Of
course those who refuse to contribute still expect to be rewarded, and can
get awfully upset when they don’t. But the real problem that inspired
communism is the exploitation of workers. And this persists under
capitalism, because the prevailing business model is one where executives
see maximizing profits as the holy grail. Thus workers are often paid a
poor wage, especially in third world countries, given as few benefits as
possible, and can be abused in many ways. This is a major failing of the
capitalist system and could be cured very easily.

Another big flaw is the exploitation of resources, and pollution of the
environment (the communists were REALLY good at this!). This problem is due
to the fact that the economics of diminishing resources, and the destruction
of ecosystems do not get factored into every Nike or Ford Expedition that
gets made. Instead the world is left absorbing that cost while reckless,
irresponsible businesses profit from it. This is because governments are
now beholden to the multi-national business interests that help the leaders
get elected. Politicians get pressured by lobbyists to allow them to
continue their exploitive ways. Again it’s individuals receiving bribes (oh
excuuuuuse meeeeeee…. campaign contributions) that make these decisions
that benefit corporate interests at the expense of their constituients (the

But your question was about communism, no? Forget it! And though
capitalism may be more successful, in the long run, it’s almost as bad.

And as far as smoking pot is concerned, the problem you mention is the
difference between use and abuse, respect for a sacred herb and disrespect
for one’s own body. There’s lots of cool people around, you just need to
find some new friends (perhaps some older ones).

-The Old Hippy

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Comments on Confused about Communism?

  • The point about greed is so valid and it explains almost everything that is wrong with the human race in general we are greedy and destructive but many of us such as the people looking on this website are more free in mind and spirit greed is an evil thing , would it not be better to want for everyone else and yourself last of all.

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