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Can you be a hippie without taking drugs?

Hi there Old Hippy!
About this drug thing… I wonder, when reading all the drug stuff at this page, do you think you
can’t be a hippie without taking the drugs? I mean, all the time I read stuff
about weed, mushrooms, acid and that stuff. I just don’t think that’s so

I consider myself a hippie, but I don’t do any drugs. Sure, drugs may be
effective when exploring you mind, but I’m sure there are better ways.
With, like, meditation or yoga you don’t risk being caught in a bad trip, you

However, I think it’s OK with others taking drugs, I mean, it’s a choice
you make. But I think being a hippie is more about caring for others, our
mother Earth and doing what you can to create a better world. Peace and Love…

With our LOVE we can save the world


You are absolutely right my friend! It isn’t necessary to do drugs to be a
hippy. Yes, meditation and the various forms of Yoga can bring about
self-awareness and enlightenment. The true hippy spirit is one of love,
peace, understanding and a deep respect for others and the planet. Mind
altering drugs are not essential to reaching these goals.

However, hippies acknowledge that the prevailing systems (economic,
political, religious, cultural, etc.) don’t really support these goals and
in fact keep us from realizing who we REALLY are and from a healthy
relationship with our fellow humans and mother earth. Hippies by definition
are opposed these systems. It takes a lot to break free of the mind control that
society has programmed for us since birth. For many people, it is not until they
try these drugs that they begin to realize the depth of their programming. Seeking to break free
from years of mind control they use these drugs to deprogram and reprogram
themselves into something new. It’s no wonder many hippies rename
once they assume their new identity.

Yoga and meditation can be successful ways to achieve the same thing, but
they take years of dedicated practice to reach their goals. Certain drugs
can have an even more dramatic effect in one day. The downside is that they
wear off and you come down! Yoga and meditation can keep you naturally high
for the rest of your life if you apply yourself. And since there is no
outside substance involved there is no chance of a bad trip. So it’s
really a matter of personal choice, as you say. There’s no point trying to
judge others. To each his own method.

And as for the Old Hippy, I don’t bring up this subject, everyone else does.
My mail has been full of drug questions since this column began (2 1/2 yrs
ago!). I’d much rather give everyone the straight dope than ignore their
pleas for information. I don’t try to promote these drugs. I just want
people to know what they’re getting into, so they can make informed choices.
I respect those who look before they leap!

-The Old Hippy


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