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Weather Underground Fifth Communication (1970)

The following communication was received at the New York YIP (Youth International Party) office Tuesday, October 6, 1970 at 11:00am.

A year ago we blew away the Haymarker pig statue at the start of a youth riot in Chicago. The head of the Police Sergeant’s Association called emotionally for all-out war between the pigs and us. We accepted. Last night we destroyed the pig again. This time it begins a fall offensive of youth resistance that will spread from Santa Barbara to Boston, back to Kent and Kansas. Now we are everywhere and next week families and tribes will attack the enemy around the country. It is our job to blast away the myths of the total superiority of the man.

We did not choose to live in a time of war. We choose only to become guerillas and to urge our people to prepare for war rather than become accomplices in the genocide of our sisters and brothers.

We learned from Amerikan history about policies of exterminating an entire people and their magnificent cultures – the Indians, the blacks, the Vietnamese. We are making plans to resist with all of our creativity.

Students and hippies who now hear peace talk from the white man must remember how talk of peace was used against the Indians and preached to the blacks.

Today many student leaders have cut their hair and called for peace. They say young people shouldn’t provoke the government. And they receive, in return, promises of peaceful change. Promises of peace from a government that bombs Cambodia while talking about an end to war, that killed students at Jackson and Kent while calling for responsibility on campus, that murdered Fred Hampton and hundreds of blacks while calling for racial harmony. Remember that Amerikan pigs have already dropped more bombs on a piece of land about the size of Florida than the entire tonnage dropped during World War II.

Don’t be tricked by talk. Arm yourselves and shoot to live!

We are building a culture and a society that can resist genocide. It is a culture of total resistance to mind-controlling maniacs, a culture of high energy sisters getting it on, of hippie acid-smiles and communes and freedom to be the farthest out people we can be. It’s a culture that can take care of its people, Rosemary and Tim are free and high.

J. Edgar himself admitted that underground radicals were the hardest group to infiltrate. That’s because the culture and ideals we want to live by can only be lived in total resistance to Imperialism.

If Nixon invades Cuba, bombs North Vietnam, intervenes in the Middle East, we must all move fast. Figure out strategic weak points of the enemy. Look to the Arabs. With the underground and mass movement responding together, we could shut down every international airport in Amerika within 24 hours. Every long-hair is a YIPPIE! Every militant woman a Leila Khaled.

Surround every armed attack with rallies, phone calls, posters and celebrations. We are not just attacking targets – we are bringing a pitiful helpless giant to its knees.

We invite Ky and Nixon and Agnew to travel in the country. Come to the high schools and campuses. But guard you planes, guard your colleges, guard your banks, guard your children, GUARD YOUR DOORS.

(Signed) Bernadine Dohrn, Bill Ayers, Jeff Jones

This is the fifth communication from the Weatherman underground.

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