There is a war going on right now in the U.S.. It's not a war against drugs it's a war against Americans and Freedom.  Hundreds of thousands of people are arrested and jailed each year just for marijuana and millions more are at risk.  The repression behind this belies the notion that America is a "free country" and indicates a growing conspiracy involving law enforcement and other federal agencies.  We must unite our efforts to combat this assault on personal freedom.

Call me uptight but I don't think it's funny to joke (see april fool) and say the idiots
overturn marijuana laws. I have fought long and hard to bring this
injustice to the forefront and know too many who suffer daily because of
one of the most ridiculous laws in history. I thought you would have the
intelligence to know that April first is not just a day to joke but
rather recognize the Pagan New Year. Pagans are one of the most
similar sub-cultures to Hippies in this world and you just fed into the
mocking. Sorry but not all of us think that was funny in the least.

Damian A. McDonnell

You make a good point, and we apologize to those we have offended.  It wasn't our intent to mock anybody, just the absurd laws that have created this situation.  Our other goal was to give people who have been long repressed a sense of what it would be like if and when the laws are changed. We believe that only by exposing people to a sane approach to cannabis can people really see how screwed up our entire country has become on this issue.

We don't mince words when it comes to promoting a more tolerate attitude towards cannabis.  We have personally experienced the freedom of a society without these repressive laws (Holland) and know firsthand how liberating this can be.  If everyone could share this feeling they might be motivated to do something about it in the U.S.  Until you've tasted freedom, you don't know what you're missing.

We grieve for the victims of these "victimless" crimes who are serving time in our overcrowded prisons for they are prisoners of the WAR ON AMERICANS and FREEDOM that has continued far too long.  It is a war that can never be won, and the suffering is endless.

Why hasnít there been a class action civil suit against the Federal government alleging a wide ranging, decades long conspiracy on the part of the government to suppress the growing and use of hemp and marijuana?  The War Against the millions Americans who use marijuana for various reasons has benefited certain special interest groups who lobby against the legalization of cannabis for any reason.

Each year over 600,000 Americans are arrested for possession or sale of this drug which is far safer than tobacco or alcohol.  Many of those arrested are put in jail, their property including homes and cars confiscated and their families left to deal with life with the head of the household in prison. This Conspiracy benefits law enforcement who then use the proceeds of the forfeitures to their own ends. This is a serious conflict of interest. That is why law enforcement agencies, D.A.s and Barry McCaffrey want to keep this drug illegal Ė they are profiting!

This lawsuit should request damages for lost property, lost wages, pain and suffering for every person who has been arrested and jailed for mere possession of a harmless plant!  Punitive damages should also be assessed against the conspirators in this War Against Americans.  Damages can be paid out of the $18 billion War Chest until it is depleted, thus preventing any further action against users.

If all the pro-marijuana groups would for once join together and coordinate their efforts and resources to a lawsuit of this magnitude we could at last get all the facts out in the open and let the higher courts decide whether these actions benefit or hurt the American people!

All marijuana users, whether they take it for medical or recreational use, are a persecuted minority in this country.  We need to confront and fight this conspiracy by directly challenging the government's role in this WAR and hold them responsible for the damage they have done to each of us.  We call on all Americans to unite and aggressively oppose the federal government's policy on cannabis.

We call for the GAO to account for every penny being spent from the War Chest and for the final disposition of each and every piece of personal property stolen from American Citizens.  Until this has been done, the $18 billion should be frozen, and put into a trust account until the lawsuit is settled.

The lawsuit should also call for the suspension of all marijuana enforcement, the withholding of all State and Federal funds for such enforcement, the dismissal of Gen. Barry McCaffrey, the declassification of marijuana as a controlled substance, the immediate release of all non-violent cannabis offenders from Federal and State prisons (freeing up space for violent criminals), and provision for restitution for all those who have suffered.

Other items that could be included in the lawsuit would be a removal of cannabis as an item in U.S. foreign policy; the requirement that the Federal Government fund extensive long-term scientific studies into the medical and commercial uses of the cannabis plant; the immediate deregulation of hemp farming and initiation of subsidies to farms that plant hemp; the alteration of all educational materials to reclassify cannabis from a dangerous drug to that of a wondrous plant and boon to mankind.

And this is no April's Fool joke!  In our opinion, the time is ripe for action.  We at Hippyland are ready to coordinate efforts to inform and unify the opposition to the WAR ON AMERICANS.  It's up to everyone to do more than they ever have before if we are to succeed and change U.S. policy.  This is the cause that will unify everyone!  Unfortunately we have yet to see any organization take the lead role of coordinating the diverse groups opposed to U.S. policy on marijuana.  There are so many groups with different agendas that need to coordinate to effectively unify the millions who agree that change is necessary.  It took a movement to end alcohol prohibition in this country.  It will take another movement to end marijuana prohibition.  Let's do it!

the staff of Hippyland

If you want to know what YOU can do see Hippyland's Cannabis Statement