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Hello old hippy,
Well for a while now I have been going through a pretty rough time. It's 
nothing big, but simply me not being able to relate to this society anymore, 
including my friends. See, I just got back from an outdoors trip where we 
stayed in the wilderness for 25 days, and our priorities were nothing but 
survival. Out there, in Wyoming, life was exactly how it should 
be.....Spiritual isolation and just enjoying the beauties of the wilderness. 
It was only nine people in my group, but within these 25 days, these 9 people 
understood me more than anyone could ever understand me here at home. I feel 
like out there, I could be so free, and just appreciate so many things. We 
had many solos for long periods of time, and during those times I experienced 
such wonderful solitute, where I really got in touch with who I am, and was 
at such peace with myself. But now I am back at home, and I am going crazy. I 
hate being back in civilization, with all the bullshit that goes on. 
(competition, jealousy, hatred) These feelings caused me and my boyfriend to 
brake up (we had been together for 6 months) and more and more I feel distant 
to my friends and family. I feel like no one can ever understand how amazing 
life is. Not life in society, but life in true creation, the wilderness. And 
the worse part is the fact that I am losing the connection I had with myself 
on the trip. That makes me so sad because being in touch with who I am was 
better than having endless amounts of friends. I don't know, maybe I still 
hold that connection with myself, but I don't know how to deal with being in 
civilization. Any advice at all would be incredibly appreciated. 
Much love and repect

Congratulations on "surviving"  your wilderness experience.  It's always
a wonderful challenge to confront nature and ourselves in an isolated
paradise.  Unfortunately the tough part is coming back down to reality.
Just like an LSD trip in which you become one with everything, discover the
truth about yourself and the world, only to return to the pettiness of human
   Under these circumstances I like to remember that we are here for a
purpose, and discovering that purpose is often extremely difficult.
Sometimes it's more of a challenge than surviving a solo wilderness
adventure.  I believe that learning our purpose is a process that involves
all those other people we have to deal with day to day, with all their
faults and frailties.  As we come to understand why we are here, we find
ourselves filling a needed role for these people.  If you keep in mind that
the highest role we can play is one of service, and we bring into that role
the self-awareness that we have gained from our inner-search, then we can
become a beneficial presence on the planet.
   Through our conscious acts we can raise the awareness of others so that
they may find a purpose for themselves.  Then, rather than being a burden to
others, they too can contribute a meaningful life in service to humanity.
If everyone could adopt this attitude and unconditionally share their energy
and love with those around them, we would have a drastically different
society.  A society without competition, greed, envy, intolerance and
violence.  In a world where everyone is looking out only for themselves,
taking, consuming, polluting without thought to the impact upon others, this
becomes the primary mode of human existence, since there are no visible
alternatives or role models.
   By living our lives with full awareness and acceptance of responsibility
for our actions, we can become examples of an alternative lifestyle and even
a role model for others.  Even if we don't succeed in changing the world, we
have at least done the best we could, and we've been true to our heart.
   When times get tough, and it seems that everything around you is
preventing you from being true to yourself, remember that life on this
planet is just a movie.  We all have our roles and those of us who are
conscious can also rewrite our scripts so our part better represents who we
truly are, not how others would like us to be.  At a certain point in
personal evolution, it's also possible to realize you are also the director
of the movie, and can not only rewrite, but can cast the movie and direct
others in their roles.  Then you are truly living up to your potential as a
co-creator of your reality.
   So being a part of society is a difficult challenge that presents many
opportunities for personal growth.  Seize these and make the most of them.
When Moses came down from the mountain, he brought a message with him.  When
he saw the his people engaged in sinful activities, he thought them
undeserving of the message.  Nevertheless, he knew it was his role to share
such an important revelation with his community.  And the rest is history.

The Old Hippy 

 hey old hippy dude,
i've been smoking for bout 5years and now the some of the
time i smoke i get wierd! i start having acute social panic attacks!! and
cant talk! i mostly get like this when i'm uncomfortable round certain
people! what is this caused by?? have you ever heard of such a thing??

    Yes, panic attacks are common in that at one time or another pot smokers
will experience the symptoms.  Usually when the pot is much better than
usual or if it's a been awhile since you've toked,  you'll increase your
chance of having a panic attack.  It can also be manifest as a generalized
paranoia, not necessarily due to a specific fear.  This can also be due to
nervousness, stress, unusual situations, strange people.
    When you feel a panic attack coming on, a good idea is to isolate
yourself, pick out some soothing music and just groove.  In other words find
a calming distraction (a walk in the woods, meditation, yoga), or just take
long slow breaths and watch your breathing.  Just focus on that and keep it
slow and even and you'll calm down very quickly.
    A really cool thing to learn is how to calm yourself, and refresh
yourself through some form of yoga or meditation.  Once you get proficient
you can then use whenever you feel "out of balance" and it will restore your
balance and overall health and attitude.  It is the best prevention there
    And since you pointed out that certain people make you uncomfortable you
can avoid those situations and be with people you enjoy.

Hope this helps!
-The Old Hippy 

Old Hippy,
               I have 3 girls the oldest is 8.  I have been smoking
without fear for many years.  Now, since they have introduced the Dare
program where I live, I am paranoid of what they are teaching my kids.
I've heard horror stories of them encouraging children to rat out their
parents.  I have always been careful, I don't leave stash or pipes
laying about.  But the other night when they had gone to bed I smoked
some then the next morning the oldest asked what that smell was-I lied
and said it was my sage incense.  Do I have reason to worry?  I agree
with the programs teaching against white drugs and I certainly don't
advocate smoking until they are much older.  But encouraging kids to rat
out their parents seems like the book 1984 and it pisses me off. I
consider myself to be a responsible loving parent and I get enough crap
in the south for being a pagan parent- now this.  What does Dare teach?
Thanks and peace.

I suggest you look into the program more (they have a website, I believe -
full of propaganda of course).  I've read studies that show that kids who
are in the dare program are MORE likely to get involved with drugs (the
program DOES talk about many drugs, some of which most kids have never heard
about! doesn't it?).

The important thing is that if you have any doubts about it, YOUR KIDS DON'T
HAVE GO!  You can let the school know that you DON'T want you kids to
participate in the program.  You could also organize other parents who feel
the same way.  Of course then you and your kids are singled out, which can
be a problem in some communities, but at least YOU'RE taking a stand against
the brainwashing of your children (of course, that's what school is for,
isn't it?).

I know many parents who for various reasons, including this, have opted to
put their kids in private schools, or do home schooling.  Do you want your
children to become programmed consumerist zombies?  Do you care what kind of
ideas your children are being fed by the system (and their programmed
peers)?  If so then you have options you should consider.  There are
alternatives!  Check them out!

I hope you can guide your children with truth instead of lies.

-The Old Hippy

hello old hippy.  I need someone wise to talk to.  I
have these questions in the back of my mind.  What are
we?  What is the point? Day in day out all we just go
on living our pointless boring lives hoping to make a
mark in the world. Then we die quicker than we came
in.  And its all over.  Like we go thru a load of crap
everyday only to die and let it all be over.  It
doesn't make sense.  I just feel like there should be
  Why should my best friend suffer from depression? 
Why should i worry about my mom losing it?  Why should
we all be so concerned with the way we look when we
leave the house and so concerned with being a
succesful doctor or lawyer?  Why should people get
married if it is easier to just be in love and stay
together til death?  Why am I judged by the size of my
breasts?  And why does being young hold me back from
so much when this is the time of my life I will always
refer to?  Why am I who I am?  Why do we all think
we're so right and everyone with a different point of
view is so wrong?  I don't get it.  there has to be
   Please respond.  I know my questions might be  a
pain or a bore but I really need someone or something
right now.  I am questioning not only my existence but
everyone and everything. 

Whew, that's a lot of good questions.  I'll try to answer a few.

Depression: It can be caused by many things, but it certainly is a
'dis-ease'.  It can be a dissatisfaction with one's place in the world,
personal events, life in general, etc.  It can also have biological roots
with a chemical imbalance in the brain.  People who are obsessive can find
flaws with themselves and others and just obsess over it to the exclusion of
all else, including the beauty around them.  For those without a biological
cause, a change of venue, routine, job, living arrangement, etc. can be just
the cure needed.  Also helping out those LESS fortunate can help because not
only doesn't the world revolve around your personal problem, but then you're
also doing something that makes you FEEL GOOD.  For those with biological
problems, consult with a recommended physician or naturapath (healer,
massage therapist, accupuncturist, herbologist, etc.).  Hopefully they can
help restore the balance need for a healthy body and outlook on life.

Your Mom: I assume your mom is on the verge at times.  You care because you
love your mom, and want her to be happy.  That's perfectly natural.  But
there's no need to worry too much about it.  It's better to focus your
energy on being the best you can be, and this would include caring for your
mom.  It's very difficult to help others until you take good care of
yourself.  Then others are helped just being around you.  Give your mom
POSITIVE ENERGY, not worried emotionality.  That always helps!  Good luck!

How we look, and what we do:  People care about their looks because it's a
reflection of how they feel inside.  People who obsess over looks and social
status are never happy with themselves or others and tend to be very
judgemental.  The key here is to love yourself, and your beauty will shine
regardless of how much makeup you put on (or how little) or what kind of
clothes you wear.  We are socialized to be successful and this means not
just a good career, but also a good mate and children are signs of success.
This is important on a species level that people who are good providers are
the ones to reproduce their successful DNA.  So society reinforces this with
hundreds of social cues (fancy cars, exclusive memberships, first-class,
etc.) to indicate that that individual possesses traits that are valuable
given the prevailing values of society.  In our society competition is the
means by which people are valued.  We have sports, game shows, exams,
contests, promotions, etc. to give us a chance to "excel" in some way, thus
flaunting our superiority in public.

The problem is that these values are relative from one society to the next.
The best hunter in the Rainforest = the best herder in the plains = the best
Java programmer = the best looking babe on Baywatch.  These people get
rewarded in their societies and are admired and have the best selections for
mates.  Well maybe not the java programmer!  :)

Anyway this shows how important it is for alternative communities to agree
on values so that they can offer other means to be successful.  On a commune
it's important to cooperate, work hard, and get along with others.
Competition is minimized.  Individuals are supposed to measure their own
success by how well the group succeeds meeting its self-sufficiency needs.
Hippies reject the competitive role and seek not success but true happiness.
This comes from finding peace within and loving oneself.  Then sharing that
love with others.  Love is its own reward!

Marriage: Again marriage is part of the social success that society rewards.
It has ancient roots and is bound up with religious dogma.  It's presumed
(by society and religion) that stable relationships yield healthier
children.  This may be very true.  There is a correlation (statistically)
between juvenile deliquency, and other serious social problems and broken
families.  So by laying a heavy guilt trip on people to get married, society
is trying to encourage long term relationships and stable families.  Once
upon a time we had extended families with several generations living
together.  This is a very "natural" situation where more social roles are
available and the family ties grow ever stronger as the family ages.
Grandparents make the best baby sitters, and have the time and knowledge to
pass on to grandchildren.  The rise of the nuclear family has just about
destroyed this concept in modern society, and is a great loss for all.

Then again marriage also lays a whole set of expectations upon people
(especially young people) that they are often unable to live up to.  Thus
the high divorce rate.  In Europe (esp. Northern Europe), there is a whole
nother attitude towards marriage.  People now wait until their thirties to
get married, if at all!  This has resulted in a very low birth rate, which
is causing problems too.

So marriage has several important functions.  It serves to provide a stable
family life for children.  It acts as an important legal contract giving
rights to spouse and children - esp. property and inheritance.  It's a
measure of social status that supposedly keeps the partners from spreading
their DNA around.

Is marriage necessary in today's world?  My opinion is that it reflects the
maturity of those who enter it or don't.  It's a serious commitment and not
to be taken lightly.  Depending on the couple's moral development it may be
needed to provide the guidance (rules) they need to promote stability in
their relationship.  Or they might not need it because they find social
rules stifling to individuality and personal freedom.  Or because they
reject the values behind the contract or feel that love transcends laws
while society limits love.  Ultimately each person must decide what's right
for them and their dharma.

Breast size: Are yours large or small?  Just kidding....:)  This again has
to do with the first question - why we are judged by how we look?  Breast
size is important in 'primitive' societies as they can indicate a woman's
ability to feed children.  In American society breasts are kept hidden
(relatively) and as such are novelties and the subject of much speculation
and fantasy by men and esp. adolescent boys.  In other countries where
breasts are not such a 'hidden treasure', men often fantasize about legs or
ears or hair or body smell.  It's always what you can't have or see that
piques your interest.  Unfortunately in our sexually hung up society, people
tend to make judgements about others based upon how they look.  Depending
upon how you flaunt your assets you can be labeled (whore, dyke, old maid).
Again this serves the purpose of indicating to the opposite (or same) sex
your availability as a sexual partner.  It's such an instinctive thing.
Just be aware of the signals you are sending out.  It will determine the
response you get from others.

Being young: They say 'youth is wasted on the young'.  This is because when
we are young we have all this wonderful energy and enthusiasm and a healthy
body, but don't know what to do with it.  Your point is well taken because
society tends to limit what young people can do in terms of activities (like
driving, sex, drinking) and opportunities (dating, jobs, travel).  So it's a
dilemma to be so virile and vivacious but restricted to utilize it for fun
or pleasure or gain.  It's like the eternal complaint that you need
experience to get a job, but you can't get a job without experience.  We
older folks with lots of experience find that we can't do the things we used
to because our bodies aren't what they were.  We're slower, heavier and
can't think as fast as we used to.

Those things that you feel as limitations will soon be lifted.  And once
they are you'll get to do everything you want.  And guess what?  They'll be
a thrill for a moment and then once you've done them, you won't understand
what all the fuss was about.  I think it's best for parents to decide based
upon a child's maturity (not necessarily age) when they are ready for
certain activities.  No two people are alike, and they need to be treated on
an individual basis, not based upon random criteria (age, grade, breast
size, etc.).  If you feel you are being unfairly limited, speak up, give
examples of others you know who have more freedom, and be adult about it.
Reason with those in charge.  The worse situation is that you have to wait a
few more years.  Just don't make such a big deal about it because few things
are worth it.

Who are you?  You are who you are because of genetic, social and moral
evolution.  You are a product of your parent's DNA and your social milieu.
If you're not happy with yourself you need to delve within to find out why.
Sometimes the social situations we face are not to our liking.  Once you
reach a certain maturity you can do something about it.  Leave town, go to
college, find a lover, whatever.  One thing you can be sure of, things
change.  Sometimes we must initiate the change within ourselves first, then
all the circumstances around us change, usually for the better.  Just make a
conscious effort to understand yourself and those around you and you will
learn how to please yourself and others.  It's really not so hard to do.
And once you find yourself, the path is an easy stroll, with you in control.

Right vs Wrong: Truth is a relative thing.  That is; what I see is truth is
my truth, what you see is yours.  We are subjective beings, and objective
truth does not exist.  If we all saw things the same way this world would be
very boring indeed.  The real trick, and one path towards enlightment is to
Realize Empathy.  That is to be able to relate so much to another person's
point of view that you merge.  Love is pure empathy.  You become the other
by feeling what they feel, no longer judging them, thus loving them
unconditionally.  That is the highest form of Love.  When you experience
this you become one with everything since that is TRUTH.  Truth therefore is
neither subjective nor objective, it's totally immersive and inclusive.
When you love there is no I and you and them.  There is only love.  And
THAT'S the truth. =:)

I hope this answered your questions!  They were the best I've seen in
awhile.  You are very intelligent, and continue to question EVERYTHING, may
you find the answers!

-The Old Hippy

my boyfriends cheating on me with my cousin and he went somewhere until
next wednesday. what should i do until then?

Find a new boyfriend!

-The Old Hippy 

hello old hippy,
I have a daughter who is 9 years old and she is totally into anything to do with being
hippy, except the drugs.(I hope)
she is now wanting to do her bedroom up with beads,flowers,black lights, poster,etc...
she is only nine years old and i don't want to discourage her from being  an individual,
but i don't want to encourage her to go totally crazy either.
i've enjoyed my time being "hippy".been there,done that...still am in ways.... 
so....should i go ahead and encourage her to follow "her"passion or should i encourage my ways??? 
i don't know how to handle this ..
any help is appreciated..
help with little hippy...........

It's somewhat of a craze these days to do the room up and to dress up as a hippie.  Don't let it bother you, since your daughter is too young to understand much, other than that it's the current fashion.  Of course you should encourage her to follow your ways (the parental prerogative), but that is a different matter.
Just remember there are far worse things to be than a hippie!

The Old Hippy 

I am probably one of the last people on earth who you would want to
answer to, because I am very adamant about my views on drugs.  I don't
like drugs!  It's as plain as that.  I understand that people are going
to continue doing drugs and I cannot change that.  I am 21 years old,
and I have done my share, but I have found life to be much less a burden
without getting wasted!  Here is my problem,  I hope that you can find
it in your heart to find a solution for me.  I had a friend (best
friend) who seems to be ditching me out for weed.  She knows that I
don't want to hang out with her if she is high, but she breaks plans
with me, and never wants to hang out with me because she'd rather smoke
weed.  Does she actually think that a plant is more important than a
friend?  Why do stoners tend to ditch their friends to smoke weed?  If
weed isn't additive, then why do stoners become so depressed when they
can't find weed?  Why would anyone want to forsake who they actually are
for a phony personality which is brought on by a substance?

   Good question!  The problem is one of attitude and respect.  Yes, many
stoners abuse the sacred herb and try to stay high most of the time.  Yes,
they often get depressed for about two days after they stop (but it's no
worse than caffeine users going without!).  Perhaps this friend considers
you something of a "downer" when she's high.  If you dis her because she's
high, that will certainly make her not want to spend time with you.  If you
can't accept what she does, and not make an issue of it, then perhaps you
shouldn't see her anymore.

    If you can accept her and her ways, then the best thing to do is drop by
and get her to go out with you into the real world.  Gently remind her there
is more to do than getting stoned not by telling her, but by showing her
yourself.  You see it's fun to do many things high or straight, but the
problem with weed is that it makes you lethargic (lazy).  I myself am guilty
of avoiding people and events when high.  And I often regret missing out on
much of what's happening just cause I couldn't motivate myself to move!  So
if you're a true friend, help her to get out and enjoy life then perhaps she
won't be a stay-at-home-stoner, and will indulge less when you're around.
It would be a great favor for her if you did!

   Let me know what happens!

The Old Hippy 

Hey man, could ya give me some advice? My parents are drivin' me crazy cuz
they wont stop botherin' me cuz I have long hair and I'm a guy, cuz I wear
groovy clothes, and cuz of my flowerchild ideals. My dad keeps asking me
why I cant be like "everyone else." and if that wasn't bad enough, somehow
they found out i'm smoking pot! Who I am is sacred to me, but I can't get
kicked out! I'm only 16! What do I do?!
Peace out,

Tell them that you are a unique individual, you don't follow the crowd, and
they need to respect your identity.  Ask them to love you and support you as
you flower into everything you hope you can be, not some preconceived box
that society has programmed for you.

If they don't get it, and you can't get through to them, then the problem is
theirs, not yours.  Plan on moving on when you finish high school.  I left
my family to attend college at age 16.  I couldn't wait to leave!

The Old Hippy 

Dear Old Hippy
That's a very interesting thing you wrote about spiritual growth, but I was surprised by your first line: "People do what they are taught". Is it not that, whatever you teach a person, someday he will find himself wondering if he's going the right path? You see, I was taught to believe in God and Christ, do what society expects and go to church every week. But during my teenage years (which only ended two years ago) I found out that that was not what I should do, because of something inside myself. I started to develop a way of living and spirituality based on what I saw and heard around me, checking everytime if that corresponded with my inner-feelings.

You see, I think that we all have a feeling inside ourselves that there is a Bigger Whole, a God or Intergallactic Vibe, whatever you wanna call it. And I think that we act from that feeling more often than we realize. Behaviourism is a very powerful thing, but I think that little feeling inside, that sparkle of love that can make us feel connected with anything, is much more powerful and just waiting to get out and "kiss the sky".
I see something realy interesting going on with the people around me. I'd expect that they would turn away from any form of spirituality or religion, because kicking against christianity and the pope is very much the cool thing to do now in society in The Netherlands, where I live. So a lot of people do that.

But while they are doing that, a lot of them also is trying to find a new way of spirituality, as if they need a replacement. They get into "new age" things, like myself. It's not a coincedence that "The Celestine Prophecy" was such a huge hype (well, in The Netherlands it was). So what I see, is that a lot of people who are thaught by their environment to despise christianity and to believe in God, are also looking for a new way of spirituality.

I have the feeling that they do that, because of that inner-conciousness, they want to experience that spirituality, but the Christian church is not filling that in good enough anymore, like the growth of the human conciousness has passed it's thought on how to live your life.

That process makes me smile.

What do you think about that, or am I just rambling too much now?


No you've only just begun....

It's not just what people are "taught" in school or by parents. You are taught everyday by society, advertising (greed), friends (conformity), negative experiences (intolerance, anger, hate), etc. So our daily social programming reinforces the existing belief system. It teaches us how to survive by adopting these prevailing attitudes. Yes we can rise above it, given proper role models. Since you are from Holland, you have these role models since your society is far more tolerant than 95% on the planet, so it's easier for you to question authority.

Your particular culture is different from others. Your country was abused by Catholicism (the Spanish & French), then the Nazis. So your attitude towards religion and authoritarism is skeptical at best, and usually downright disrespectful (I ADMIRE that!).

We are naturally spiritual beings. It is our society that supresses this because society seeks control. When people discover their TRUE TRANSCENDANT NATURE, they become more difficult to control and manipulate. 

Long ago there were many struggles in Europe between the Church and States resulting in many wars. The result was the church lost power, the states won power. So now the states (soon the E.U.) have the power over the people. So respect for the church and its teachings has diminished and is now unimportant to the average European. In other words it's more of a social phenomenon than a spiritual one.

So now there is a huge gap in people's lives. There is no spirituality. I notice this when I visit Europe, and even in the U.S. It's young people like you who can rediscover their connection to LIFE, LOVE and THE PLANET and UNIVERSE, because older folk are too disillusioned and set in their ways. That's why I believe our hope for the future lies in your generation.

Once upon a time a large portion of my generation looked beyond ourselves and into the future (and got scared to death!). Then came another generation that was so self-centered and greedy because they adopted Capitalism as their religion. So it's up to you and your generation to once again remember who you REALLY are, look towards the future, and help shape society with a vision of Peace, Love, Understanding and Respect, PLUR.

-The Old Hippy 

Um.....did people really have casual sex (in the 60s & 70s) like you read about??

Yes, indeed. ;)

-The Old Hippy

Hey, Turtle Dude!
(That's my title showing respect--You rock, man!)
I have a question similar to one someone else asked.  This guy, who I
really like...Well, I want to go out with him.  But I'm really embarassed.
I guess it's because I don't know how he'd react to it...I don't know for
sure if he likes me or not.  I have problems expressing myself in a verbal
way to others...So I don't even know how to approach him...I have problems
talking to people--Especially when others are around.  But I can't think of
any reason to initiate a conversation with him ALONE.
What would you suggest I do?  He's single and a great guy, and we're into
some of the same things (bands and music, mainly).
I would really appreciate your advice...

"Peace, flowers, freedom, happiness"--HAIR.
Thank you again!

Ask him a question, like "What do you think of Beck?"  or are you going to
the such and such concert?  That should elicit a response, and LISTEN  to
what he says before you reply, and reply based upon his answer.  Then you're
already in a conversation.  If he is interested in you, he'll pickup the
thread and start asking YOU questions.

It's good to start a conversation about a neutral subject, but it doesn't
send the same signal as you asking him a personal question, like "what sign
are you?" (a really overused line) or "doing anything cool this weekend?".
A personal question implies you're interested in knowing more about him and
can work very well if done properly.

The difficult part is overcoming your shyness or fear.  It's sorta like
jumping into a pool.  You think it's gonna be a cold shock, but you also
know once you get in it won't be so bad, but you're paralyzed anyway.
Fortunately in this case you can test the "waters" first by asking a few
questions.  His response will tell you a lot.

Remember talking to him isn't such a big deal so don't get worked up about
it.  If you really can't get up the courage, then maybe some mutual friend
can introduce you or perhaps let you know if he's interested in you.

Sounds to me you better act fast.  If he's such a great guy, some other
girl's gonna get him soon!

Good luck to you!
-The Old Hippy

    I want to know if you can get high from smoking pot seeds and/or
stems. My friend wants to know if smoking seeds will make him sterile.

No, it will probably just give you a great big headache. So you'll never find out if it'll make you sterile.

-The Old Hippy

Hello, Mr. Hippy.  Just wanted to say how much I like your page; It's great.  I was wondering what you think about the spiritual growth of human beings, both individually and society in general.  It seems to me, according to the popular scientific theories accepted today, that the human race is on a path where spiritual growth is intrinsic to the whole thing.  We started as individual bands hunting and gathering and doing our thing.  Then along comes agriculture and along with it slavery, population growth, and spare time.  Bands would conquer other bands to become tribes, tribes conquer tribes to become nations.  On and on until the United Nations and the world bank.  My point is, transcendence and inclusion seem to be the mode of the human race.  Do you think that people are stuck in a spiritual quagmire of filth and decay or that people will one day, inevitably, be a peaceful and accepting community worldwide?  Let me know; I'm interested.  Thanks.

People behave according to what they've been taught.  Until we teach everyone "Peace & Love", we will still have hatred and war.  Some individuals can rise above the quagmire, but usually because they've learned to think for themselves.

Buddhists believe that we incarnate on earth to experience the full range of life's pleasures and treasures as well as it's selfishness, greed, hatreds etc., and to rise above these base desires.  We continue to reincarnate over and over until we get it right. 

If that is the case, then we shall probably never find that paradise on this planet, for there is another place for us to go to experience that.  This is also the Judeo/Christian/Islamic belief.  That is why no one bothers to try to make this place a paradise, since it lies elsewhere.

I suppose it would require all these "dead" saints (Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, etc.) to reappear in person and perform amazing miracles before people will start changing their belief system to allow for us all to be "saved" while still alive on this planet.

I do believe that we have it within our power to bring about paradise, wherever we are.  We just need to "realize" it.  But since there will always be those who are jealous and don't understand, people will be crucified one way or another for believing in the power of the human spirit.

Raising consciousness is an ongoing process for everyone on the planet.  Fortunately we now have the power to do great deeds, unlike ever before.  Thanks to our constantly improving communications system, we can learn about and aid others in their time of need.  Instead of just helping our "neighbor" next door, we can now help our "neighbors" wherever they may be on this ever shrinking planet.  We all live on the same block now, and what one does affects everyone else. 

So there is definitely a growing potential for humanity to evolve beyond our limited self-imposed boundaries, and embrace our divine potential and save our race and planet from the destruction that is looming.  That should be our first great task in the New Enlightenment.  Then we can focus on obliterating hunger, disease, and war from our daily lives.  Then we can remove intolerance, racism, fascism, pollution, poverty and inequality from our midst.  And then, and only then can we aspire to be something greater than the caretakers of this fragile ball in space, and look to the stars to find our truly awesome potential....

May we one day have peace,
The Old Hippy 

I have a question about love for you.  I'm in love with a guy.  I want to express my love to him, but the last time i told a guy i had feelings for him, he really hurt me. i need advice on what to do because i am scared.

Every guy is different.  Most guys will run away if you lay it all out.
Remember, some guys are afraid too.  I think you probably shouldn't tell any
guy how deep your feelings are until you've gotten to know him well.  By
then your feelings may have changed.

In the meantime, look him in the eyes and see what's there.  Is he looking
back?  Can you talk to him?  Does he listen to you?  You first have to
establish communication before you can get serious with someone.  This can
take awhile.  Don't have expectations.  If you don't have expectations, you
won't be disappointed if things don't work out.  Don't be afraid.  Just do
it!  That doesn't mean have sex, that means just go with the flow and don't
think about.  Just live in the moment and let your love flow.

May you find true love!
The Old Hippy 

Dear old hippy.
I have been wondering for a long time is LSD really as dangerous as
everybody tells me?? Can you really die or something if you take a
normal trip of acid?? i´d really like to know that??
     Love & Peace

No you can't die from from it.  Yet it is a very powerful drug.  One problem
is that you don't know what you're getting (unless someone you know has
tried it and gives it the thumbs up.).  Sounds to me like you need to
investigate further before you decide to try it.  Read one of the many books
on the subject.  It's much too important to do on a whim.

-The Old Hippy

Dear old hippy,
Two things, is LSD or marijuana very addictive, and how old are you?

   LSD is not addictive in any way.  Marijuana is as addictive as chocolate.

-The Old Hippy, 
"He's hip, he's cool, he's 45!" - From Kids in the Hall. 

We are first time visitors to your web page, our question is about a restaurant we have heard about in Amsterdam.  We have heard about -but can find no information on - a restaurant where you can eat in the nude. please help.

Wow, How'd I miss that one?  Must be new 'cause I haven't heard about it.  I'll be there next year, so I'll check it out.  Sounds like great fun!  My only question is: Where do I keep my wallet?
-The Old Hippy 

hey i was wondering about some drug that people used
in the 60's. it was part of a banana or something so if
you would let me know bout that then just e-mail me
back and let me know where to find it on the banana and
how to prepare it. thanks a lot man.
peace out man

No you can't get high off banana peels, but it fooled everyone for awhile

The Old Hippy
"Electrical Banana is gonna be a sudden craze." - Donovan 

Dear old hippy,
I have smoked weed for about three years. At first it was great but for the
past year or so it hasn't been very pleasant. Everything gets distorted and
I'm so nervous I can hardly talk and I get weird beats in my heart area that
almost make me twitch. I would really appreciate your help on this. It got
so bad I stopped smoking all together.
                   Thank you

It's not unusual for smoking to become unpleasant at times.  It's a burnout
syndrome which occurs after prolonged use.  You've done the right thing by
stopping.  I recommend you lay off for at least a month or more.  Perhaps
you're under more pressure than you used to be.  Job and other
responsibilities can make getting high less enjoyable and smoking adds to
your stress rather than relieving it (thanks to paranoia and guilt).

If stress is a major factor in you life then you need to deal with it,
rather than try to mask it with mj or alcohol (I'm not saying you do it,
just that it's not a good thing).  As far as your overall health goes,
perhaps it's time for a checkup.  As we age we go through physical changes,
and smoking certainly isn't good for our health.  Some people are more
sensitive to smoke and you might be one.

In any case it's always good to give ourselves a "breather" from smoke and
let our body recuperate.  It's nice to get another view of life now and then
(remember - that's why we smoke in the first place!).  Respect the herb, and
respect yourself and everything will work out.

The Old Hippy. 

Hey man,
I am a child of the 60's and have discovered I now remember less than I
used to.  Before I did some really stupid amounts of various reality
altering friends, I had a perfect photographic memory.  I still remember
everything thing I see and hear but am not always able to retrieve it on
demand.  Sometimes I just go blank when trying to pull up everyday words,
but once I get past my frustration they are there.  How can I get my
memory back to what it once was?  Help, please.
   By the way just to let you know how insane and skewered the amounts
were my friends refer to me as Jimi Oblivion, after Hendrix, Morrison and
the fact I tended to stay obliviated most of the time and even when I
wasn't I would tend to zone on nothing.  Thanks Man.

It happens to the best of us!  Part of it, as you already surmise, is the
mind bending substances. But a large part is even more difficult to handle.
We're just getting older.  Of course if you want to remember things, it
always helps to come down for a change.  I'll bet if you laid off long
enough that photographic memory will return.  It's a great gift, especially
for an artist.

Now if I could only remember the 60s....

-The Old Hippy 

Mr. Elder Hippie,
I'll not spend this moment with a question for your site,but rather to express my gratitude that you have a site. 

I fell upon your spot by chance,and it filled me with joy. There,in a hopelessly modern world, you grant the children wisdom and guidance, knowledge and well-earned experience. I will visit again and again, if only to see what more goodness you offer.
Thanks for taking time to "pass it along"...


Thank you so much!  It's great to hear this kind of feedback.  We work very hard on the site to make it a rewarding experience for all who enter.  Everyone who participates makes the site what it is!

-The Old Hippy 

hey what's up old hippie,

first I'd like to say thanx for existing.
I don't like to break the law so I don't smoke pot anymore
or any other illegal subtances (actually i've never used another illegal
substance) . Besides, pot is impossible to find , if you try all you find
is crack. and other nasty nasty disgusting stuff. That's urban life in 1999
no weed to be found anywhere, and abundant crack and alcohol on every

People are violent around here, and is increasingly becoming a
police state. If you go out dressed like a hippie, your in big trouble.
Street thugs will harass you, and police will openly violate all you rite
in the daylight and in front of hundreds just because of the way you look..
This environment is not very friendly to me and i don't like it
back, so i saved a couple of thousand dollars and am enbarking on a nice long
search for a hospitable environment where I can smoke a joint in PEACE.

I was wondering were besides the Netherlands (everyone knows about amsterdam) is Marijuana legal? Oh yeah and were are their friendly people, are there any left in
this world?

Young Mr Nobody amongst the masses

There are NO places left where it is legal to smoke, thanks to AmeriKKKa's
insane Drug War and International laws and condemnations.  It is even illegal in Holland, but tolerated there.

That's the key, where is it tolerated (where you won't get busted)? The
answer is many places!  There are places in Australia, India, Nepal,
Afghanistan, Morocco, etc.  In the U.S. I understand California is very laid
back about it, especially SF, and places north (the Emerald Triangle, where
they grow most of America's best sinsemilla).  I'm told Humbolt county is
the "phrendliest" place to smokers.  The cops there look the other way
because without the green economy, the area would be in a bad depression.
So there's lots of places where smoking is tolerated, sounds like you're
livin' in the wrong neck of the woods!

By the way if you can make it to Amsterdam, it will be the "high" point of
your life!

As far as friendly people goes, they seem to be everywhere except big cities.  But I've always found that the poorest people are usually friendliest cause as Janis sang "When you ain't got nothing, you ain't got nothing to lose." I guess most hippies qualify. 

Of the places I've traveled, I'd have to say that the New Zealanders and Balinese are the most friendly people I've met.  They go way out of their way for strangers.

-The Old Hippy

I am doing a debate for my contemparary issues class on legalization of
marijuana and industrial hemp. I have looked in books and on the web and
have seen a few different statements about what hemp is. I have heard that it
is a "cousin plant of marijuana" , or it is the "fiber from the stem of the
marijuana plant", and couple other things. So what is it really?

Hemp is a product (or many products) made from the fiber of the cannabis
plant.  The variety of cannabis grown for hemp is not the same grown for
smoking.  It is bred for it's fiber capacity, not for it's THC potency.
Thus cannabis grown for hemp has a miniscule amount of THC and cannot be
smoked to get you high (you'd just get a headache).  So Cannabis has
different subspecies with different characteristics, and the kind grown for
hemp is a subspecies (which means it can still breed with the subspecies
that produce lots of THC, but would likely ruin them for THC production).

Hope this helps,
The Old Hippy

I consider myself a hippy.  I believe in peace, I'm a vegetarian, and kinda a buddhist (meditation and such)... but one of my friends and I recently got in a fight.  She said I can't be a hippy because I don't do drugs.  I said that drugs don't make you a hippy, your life and beliefs do.  Do you have any words of wisdom on this? 

You are right!  Hippie is a state of mind and a belief system.  As long as you're tolerant towards others who use drugs to expand their minds, you're as much a hippie as anyone....

The Old Hippy 

What up my Old Hippy!!!
Well, I'm totally into Jimi Hendrix, you don't even want to get me
started there, I know everything about him. I own and read over 27
biographies on him, collect anything imaginable. Now I am also a huge fan of lysergic
acid diethylamide, I also know a lot and I mainly do it for achieving
philosophical knowledge. These two subjects I'm a genius at (don't take it
literally, I'm not tryin' to be cocky, just expressing my great passion
for these two favorites). Now this is where my problem falls into place, many
biographies I have read claim that Jimi in some point of his life had
dropped acid, and some deny that. There is a quote stated by Jimi that he had not
dropped acid. My frustration at this is immense, now we both know written
records (biographies) are not always 100% true. Most people relate Jimi
Hendrix with acid, I believe that he has not, because of
the quote, but I'm not positively sure of this. From your knowledge what do
you think, has he, or has he not dropped acid, or is it that Jimi might have
lied to the public because of the bad rep that LSD had started to receive
toward the late 60's? Your thought will be greatly appreciated, peace!!!!

You hit the nail on the head. There was such an anti-drug backlash at
the end of the '60s (thanks to Nixon & Company) that everyone who did drugs,
especially those who espoused its use, had to save face in the media by
issuing denials. Many were coerced into doing this usually by their lawyers
due to pending cases against the artist. Even Timothy Leary had to squeal
to avoid doing a life sentence (for less than half an oz. of marijuana and a
bogus conspiracy charge). What people said in public and did in private
were two separate issues, just like they are today.

No one really doubts Jimi Hendrix did acid. His ex-girlfriends have
said he turned them on to it. His divinely inspired playing exceeded the
ability of any straight, "inexperienced" person. I mean come on, look at his lyrics
"purple haze running through my brain", his song and album "Are You
Experienced?" This was all common knowledge. Why do you think Hendrix
would wait until the "American Inquisition" began to denounce his own

To really understand the dynamic that prevailed during this period you
need only look at our circumstances today. Everyone, with few exceptions,
won't admit any current drug use. The penalties are just too great. Ah,
the injustice of it all to be living in the most hypocritical times.

-The Old Hippy
" 'Scuse me while I kiss the sky!" - J.H.