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Hey groovy dude,

I recently became a vegetarian, and my dad and step-mother 
are concerned that I'm not getting protein, and want me to eat 
seafood.  Is that cool?

Peace, man!
Sean Klee

    You can easily get all the protein you need from vegetable sources, without eating any kind of animals.  Proper food combining will ensure that.  Most humans in the industrialized world get far too much protein anyway.  You can ensure you're getting enough protein by eating complementary foods that together create complete proteins.  These take the form of legumes and grains, (beans and rice).  Tofu, tempeh, TVP and other soy products are just the beginning of a healthy diet. 

    If you're not totally vegan, you can always supplement your diet with dairy products or eggs, which will add more than enough protein.  Unfortunately you also get lots more fat, cholesterol, hormones and antibiotics with dairy products and eggs.  So I don't recommend it unless you have problems with the vegan diet.  Eating dairy products also supports the dairy industry which treats animals like commodities, and only cares about making profits.  Look at the current crisis in Europe resulting in the unnecessary slaughter of hundreds of thousands (soon to be millions) of animals just to protect future profits.

   I don't recommend eating fish unless they've been farm raised (unnatural).  That's because the oceans are rapidly being depleted of all large life forms.  Pretty soon there will be a huge collapse of the world's fishing grounds thanks to mankind's voracious appetite for seafood.  Already, 30% of the earth's coral reefs are dead.  We may see another 50% die in our lifetime.  Yet few people seem to notice or care...

   Whatever you eat, please be conscious of the source and honor it.  And I don't mean McDonalds, Inc.  On another level we are all in the same pool of energy, just moving it around from one life form to another.  It's just light transmuting into light.  As long as we consume only what we need, we are keeping things in balance.  Learning what we truly need is a path to enlightenment.  It's worth travelling if only for awhile.

Pass the tofu,
The Old Hippy

My step sister has smoked marijuana and says that it leads her to 
heroin.  I say that is nonsense, because I smoke it and I never
want heroin, or any other hard drug for that matter.  Now she's 
smoking cigarettes and claims they're safer for you that pot. She's 
all cleaned up now, but I'm afraid that cigarettes are going to make 
her start shooting up again. I want to make her see that pot is not 
a gateway drug, and can be very beneficial to you. Any advice will 
be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.


Sean Klee

    This is an important issue that has been propagandized to the max.  The
whole concept of a "gateway" drug is meaningless in psychological terms.
There is absolutely no proof that doing one drug would lead to another
specific drug being used by an individual.  What psychologists (and
geneticists) have proven is that certain people are suseptible to becoming
addicts of one sort or another.  It's call addictive personality.  And it's
the major factor (that they've found so far) to determine whether someone
will become addicted to drugs, cigarettes, alcohol or gambling.  Which one
the person chooses can sometimes be determined by genetic predisposition.

   So if someone has an addictive personality, then sooner or later that
person will succomb to an addiction.  It could even be an addtiction to work!  The whole thing is happening at the level of brain chemistry and scientists are just beginning to get a handle on it.  The truth is there are drugs out there
that can break the cycle of addiction for people, esp. those addicted to
heroin for instance.  Ibogaine is one drug that shows promising results with
a very low relapse rate.

  Marijuana too may well KEEP people off harder drugs, esp. alcohol.  Many
people who abuse alcohol cut back their consumption once they start smoking
pot.  It would sure be great if we could have some stats on this and we need
much more research to determine the effects and benefits of marijuana, but
of course the U.S. government would never allow open research on the subject
and has just now approved the first new studies of marijuana in something
like 30 years!

  In the case of your stepsister, she may be correct that smoking cigarettes
is safer than marijuana FOR HER.  This would be that she can purchase
cigarettes at the corner grocery store instead of having to seek out drug
dealers who may also have heroin readily available.  This is the only
possible connection between marijuana and harder drugs is that the laws that
keep marijuana illegal, also keep the black market dealing marijuana along with
other hard drugs.  So the temptation is always there, esp. when the
dealers run out of marijuana, smokers wanting to get "high" might opt for
another drug for their party if it's available.  So it's not that it's a
gateway, so much as that it is illegal that leads people to harder drugs.

  Want proof of this claim?  The Dutch have studied this far more than any
country, and when they permitted coffeeshops to sell marijuana and hashish,
they removed these drugs from the streets, and separated the users from the
hard drug dealers.  Now there is ample supply of cannabis in Holland, and no
reason for those who use it to seek out other drugs!  In fact the incidence
of all drug use in Holland is FAR BELOW that of the U.S.  But of course the
U.S./DEA drug propaganda machine will never tell the truth about this.

  So it's one thing to decide not to use marijuana on a personal basis, and
it's quite another to condemn marijuana as a "gateway" to other drugs.  It's
just another LIE.

Load the peace pipe,
The Old Hippy

I am a fifty year old man who just can't seem to fit into the established way of life. I get by as a vegan chef but even this venue brings me in contact with people who still don't seem to get the message from the sixties. I know of many back to nature old hippies who grow some really good weed but then they turn capitalistic and sell it for a small fortune. I am contemplating a move to Costa Rica to get away from politics as usual.  my one question is what happened to L.S.D.?  When I was young it really altered my being and led me to a belief in the be here&now movement of Ram Dass and Alan Watts.  The few times I have tried acid in the last few years it seems weak and not the same.  The walls wiggle a little but there's no insight. What gives?  Has the government taken over the ergot market or is it just me?

   It's not you.  LSD is no longer what it used to be for the most part.  The reason is that kids use it as a party or "rave" drug now, and the lower doses provide a less intense experience and more profits for the dealers.  The irony is that the new generation of users end up taking anywhere from two to twenty hits to get off, especially if they've been using it often (thanks to the quick tolerance that LSD builds).
   The closer to the source of the LSD you are the better.  It's still distributed in liquid form, so whomever measures the doses can decide whether to make it oldstyle 100-500 mikes (micrograms) per dose, or new style 10-100 mikes per dose (I'm guessing here, I don't have stats).  There is a huge difference between these dosages as you've already noticed.
   The good news is that much of the LSD available is reasonably pure if you have a reliable source.  Yet some idiots still cut it with other drugs including speed, esp. for the rave crowd who want to keep rolling all night.
   I suggest you try to find out the dosage of the hits you get first (always a good idea).  This would take the form of asking the dealer how many hits for a really powerful trip.  They'll know.  You'll probably end up spending at least $30 for it.  Call it the "new math" we heard so much about.
   Just think of how you can impress the younger generation of trippers.  You should start the story with something like: "Why I remember way back in the ol' days, say around '66 when LSD was still legal, we would take just one hit, and it would be enough to make us merge with the universe, see God, and be blissed out for days."
   Don't it make you long for the good ol' days??? 

These times, they are a' changin',
The Old Hippy 

Dear Mr Hippy

Love the web-site, but there's one small thing that I've just gotta

Communism is opposed to the state in any form - unlike your answer to the
'Stinking Hippey says.

Marx never actually provided a blue print for how a communist community was
supposed to look like or how it was specifically to act.  The big idea was
for people, who are all equal, to work together in a harmony that was absent
from any great overarching power (like when French students and workers took
over an area of Paris and created their own artisan style community in
protest against oppressive politics - your own fellow hippies!).  By not
leaving a blue print, Marx thought that people would be able to create a
communist community free from the prescriptions of an antiquated era, that
people would eventually evolve away from capitalism once it had reached its
peek and instead search for a better way of living where there was no
discrimination based on material wealth, race, colour or gender (the sort of
equality of living that resembles Star Trek I guess, no ones got a higher )
Unfortunately, by not providing a blue-print he left his ideals open to
interpretation by some pretty nasty guys (i.e.. China, Russia, Serbia etc.).
But that's the problem with art - it generally can be interpretated by
people in line with their own self interest. 

Basically he just saw a lot of corruption, poverty, inequality, bulling and
unnecessary pain in the 18th Century ( very anti-hippy behaviour!) and
wanted to motivate people to change things.  Unfortunately the world was
still quite barbaric in those days and so Marx's revolution was portrayed in
a way that people could associate with - namely a bloody uprising (aka
Russia, French revolution, China, Serbia etc.).  I think that Marx gets
picked on a bit too much - after all he was only a guy with a concept that
the world needed to be improved for the benefit of all. And that is
something that were all familiar with (and remember there were a lot more
scary people in history with worse ideals than that).

So fellow hippy - do not judge those who you have not met - and never listen
to gossip coz it poisons your head.

Peace, love and mushrooms

   What you are describing is more like anarchy than communism.  Anarchy is
anti-system, where as Marx just saw replacing one "system" with another.  Much of Marx's focus was on the economics of society, and even though he took a sociologist's approach, he completely ignored human psychology (a new field at the time).  And I was discussing communism in practice, more than theory.  Communism in it's pure form is something completely different, most closely resembling the communes of the 60s till the present.  But just like chickens, humans tend to establish a pecking order which then invests more power in the hands of a few who then control the masses.  It's inevitable as long as humans remain self-centered and greedy. 

   By not providing a blueprint (which would always be unworkable anyway),
Marx copped out.  He just put down the existing system without really
offering a viable alternative (as did many hippies).  Fortunately many
hippies did explore alternatives, but these were limited to very small
communities of mostly like-minded individuals.  And as you can see most of
these have failed for one reason or another.  The only ones that remain are
those that launched "capitalist" enterprises that could bring in revenue
from outside the commune to keep it alive.  And the politics of communes can
be just as fucked as those of the greater society.  I know of many where the
"leaders" took advantage of their fellow communers, and exploited them -
these sometimes but not always had some kind of religious bent.

   And if you think the world ISN'T barbaric anymore, you haven't traveled
much, and aren't keeping up with what's happening in the world. In fact why
not look in your own backyard at the ANIMAL HOLOCAUST that is occuring just
for economic reasons.  It's completely unnecessary.  This is capitalism
showing its true colors.  Just wait until it's a disease affecting humans.
You can expect a similar response.  Unfortunately, THAT day is coming....

-The Old Hippy

hi! first of all, i just wandered on to your website tonight,and i love it. i 
am only 16, and i still have alot to learn and this website helps alot. 
i am 16 years old. my father says that i am the most liberal  minded teenager that he 
has and will ever have known. i have a great deal of respect for my dad, but 
i was kind of afraid to ask him what exactly it is that liberal means. i 
didn't want him to think i was stupid you know? can you help me? i also have 
another question. my older family members and teachers at my school make 
sarcastic remarks about me being ''such a little hippie"((that's what they 
call me)) is it such a bad thing that i have the same morals and beliefs as 
hippies? they were there once,right?  my teachers are always trying to 
snoop, like to see if i am into drugs..i have my share ya know..but doesn't 
everyone? why are they so curious?anyway, thanx for your time and i hope to 
hear from you soon. 

much love old hippie,
**young hippie**

The current definition of liberal is someone who advocates economic equality
and personal freedom.  In other words, liberals are the antithesis of
conservatives (in theory anyway).  Conservatives advocate submission to
their concept of conformity - usually based on religious convictions.  They
want everyone to toe their line.  Conservatives also oppose sharing the
wealth.  They feel they've "earned it" and expect everyone to do likewise,
thus they oppose welfare and most democratic institutions that seek to help
those economically disadvantaged.

Of course, your dad is probably referring to the personal freedom part.  If
others are calling you a little hippie, it's probably because you visually
remind them of other hippies because of how you dress, wear your hair, speak
or act.  Rarely are people accused of being hippies because of how they
THINK!  But that is at the core of being a hippie.

If you are very vocal, if you defend those who others attack, if you treat
people equally, if you are concerned about the rights of other people as
well as animals, if you respect the environment, if you're a vegetarian, if
you advocate the use of marijuana or other mind expanding drugs, if you
entertain visions of a better world where peace, love, respect and tolerance
are not just empty words, then my friend, you are one of us, regardless of
how you look!

And that means more than any label.

The Old Hippy

Hey My Old Hipster!

I think it's such a great thing your doing 'cause there's so many
confused young hippies out there like me! I'm quite interested in communism but I
can't quite make my mind up.I think I know the very basics ( equal rights,
power to the people etc) but I can't figure much more out. You only get 2
types of info about it that which is too small (ie. encyclopedia) and
that which is too long (I read a book about Marx and just got so confused I
had to go for a smoke to clear my head!) I think it could be quite a good

If you could explain to me what the basics are so I can make my mind up
I'd be well chuffed! Also do you know anything about the Young Communists if
I like the idea I may join.

Cheers bro,
Peace, Love and Happiness
The Stinkin' Hippy.

P.S. Why is it every one I know who smokes pot is a dick a bout it ( the
most get high must get absolutely wrecked on any manky shit in any manky
way in the same way as people drink to excess as appose to me who does it to
chill out listen to tunes and OPEN MY MIND, why can't there be anyone cool

Once upon a time, many hippies embraced communism.  It's a great theory
proposing that everyone should have equal power and wealth.  But that's the
problem.  It's just an economic theory that lacks respect for individuality,
creativity, spirituality.  By forcing people to conform, yield to the power
of the state, which then determines what's best for you and everyone else,
you end up with the worse totalitarian systems.  Don't think so?  Look at
the former Soviet Union, Red China, North Korea, even Milosovich's Serbia.

The problems inherent in communism become apparent when power becomes
consolidated in the hands of a few.  "Power corrupts, absolute power
corrupts absolutely!"  That statement pretty much sums it up.  In practice
communism concentrates all the power, thus corrupting those on top and the
whole system.  The other failing is that humans aren't just needy, they're
GREEDY.  The failure of the communist regimes was that those with the power
were the only ones able to satisfy their greed, while the rest could barely
meet their needs.  So far from creating a worker's paradise, communism in
practice was nothing more than a huge slave camp, with the workers toiling
away for the benefit of a few powerful comrades (party members).

Capitalism succeeds because it rewards any individual who contributes to the
system, regardless of their political status.  It is caters to human greed
rather than ignoring it.  So the more you work the more you prosper.  Of
course those who refuse to contribute still expect to be rewarded, and can
get awfully upset when they don't.  But the real problem that inspired
communism is the exploitation of workers.  And this persists under
capitalism, because the prevailing business model is one where executives
see "maximizing profits" as the holy grail.  Thus workers are often paid a
poor wage, especially in third world countries, given as few benefits as
possible, and can be abused in many ways.  This is a major failing of the
capitalist system and could be cured very easily.

Another big flaw is the exploitation of resources, and pollution of the
environment (the communists were REALLY good at this!).  This problem is due
to the fact that the economics of diminishing resources, and the destruction
of ecosystems do not get factored into every Nike or Ford Expedition that
gets made.  Instead the world is left absorbing that cost while reckless,
irresponsible businesses profit from it.  This is because governments are
now beholden to the multi-national business interests that help the leaders
get elected.  Politicians get pressured by lobbyists to allow them to
continue their exploitive ways.  Again it's individuals receiving bribes (oh
excuuuuuse meeeeeee.... campaign contributions) that make these decisions
that benefit corporate interests at the expense of their constituients (the

But your question was about communism, no?  Forget it!  And though
capitalism may be more successful, in the long run, it's almost as bad.

And as far as smoking pot is concerned, the problem you mention is the
difference between use and abuse, respect for a sacred herb and disrespect
for one's own body.  There's lots of cool people around, you just need to
find some new friends (perhaps some older ones).

-The Old Hippy

Hey there,

I'm a 29 year old that is miserable here in New Jersey.

I'm extremely unsatisfied with the yuppie lifestyle in the suburbs. I'm
not consumed with money and material possesions. And don't want to be
surrounded by this mentality.

My question to you is............where would you recommend a single
female relocate to be around like minds. Like minds meaning, people who are into
nature, spirituality, the arts, and most importantly are kind, warm

Thanks for the insight,


You don't need to relocate to find kynd people.  If you get a chance check out the Rainbow gatherings, (, the Phish tour, or the Furthur festival tour to meet like minded individuals of all ages.  Be prepared for a shock if you haven't been to one before.  (a good shock).  Of course you could just travel, preferably to other countries, especially those where people live their spirituality (buddhist, hindu, islamic countries).  That will open your mind and help you to meet people who have other priorities besides money and possessions.  You could also visit a retreat where you can get involved in something that interests you.  Yoga, arts, self-discovery, massage, diet and lifestyle change are just some of the types of retreats that can put you in touch with your inner-self and give you an opportunity to meet others with similar interests.

So it's not where you live, it's who you meet everyday that can make a difference in your life, and you in theirs.  May you meet some interesting souls on your path.

-The Old Hippy

hey old hippie,is it bad to smoke every once and awhile and
still breast feed!!!!!!!

I'm not sure (never been in that position, hehe).  If only they would let
scientists research these issues it would be in everyone's best interest.
But I can't see any harm if it's just occasional use.  You certainly
wouldn't be the first!

-The Old Hippy

old hippy, i have a question for you.  my friends and myself smoke a lot of pot with our friend syd and he doesnt ever get high at all.  we smoke lots and lots with him all the time but he never catches a slight buzz.  i was wondering if you can provise me with some info on this topic.  thanks.

Everyone is different.  Some people don't get affected the way others do.  Some people are naturally high, and pot doesn't affect them, believe it or not, though this is very rare.  Sometimes the pot isn't good, sometimes the person doesn't inhale far enough or keep it in long enough.  Also some people might be taking prescription medication that interferes with their THC receptors in the brain, so they don't feel it.  But my guess is Syd is different.  If he tried eating mj brownies, that might make a difference, since the metabolite is different and much more potent.

-The Old Hippy

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