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Jan 22, 1999 San Francisco's  "LSD guru" sentenced to 20 years in prison.

After living underground for almost 20 years, one of San Francisco's famous "Flower Children", Nicholas Sand, 57, was captured and sentenced to an additional five years in prision.

Samuel Conti, the same judge who sentenced Sand to 15 years in 1974 for manufacturing LSD and tax evasion, added the five years for jumping a $50,000 bail in 1976 and fleeing to Canada.

According to Sand's attorney,  Patrick Hallinan, "This was a last hurrah for the Flower Children," Sand has been linked to leaders of the Hippie movement including Timothy Leary as well as the Hells Angels motorcycle gang.

Sand fled the U.S. and lived underground until he was arrested in Vancouver, Canada on Sept. 26, 1996. He was busted with a drug lab producing LSD, Ecstasy and Nexus.  According to police he had enough raw materials to make 45 million hits of LSD.

Sand was extradited to the United States in May, 1998 to serve out his original sentence. Last October, Conti found Sand guilty of skipping bail.

Sand's attorney said Sand has been commited to LSD since the 1960's "He does believe in the therapeutic effects of (LSD), and the religious aspects of it, the spiritual aspects.  He is really a true believer in the psychedelic movement, and has always been."

Jan 11, 1999: Ken Kesey and John Perry Barlow spoke out against US drug policy at the 11th Annual Digital Be-In in San Francisco. Entitled "Body, Mind and Cyberspace," the Be-In speakers emphasized the important connection between psychedelic drugs and computer technology, especially the Internet.  For more on this event check out the Wired News story.

Love in Roanoke

I just want to tell you guys what happened this week in Roanoke, VA.
Roanoke is a place known for its hatred of Kind People. Last year they gave
us tickets for sitting on the tables in the farmer's market downtown. The
police harass us at every opportunity. And yet the population of extraordinary
people in Roanoke has thrived despite the work of our city government.
This week was just one example of our strength. Recently there have been a
group of kids living up in the woods. I have no idea where they came from.
They just appeared one day and started handing out free food to anyone who
was hungry. Everything was going good until a local news show did a report
on them implying that drugs was a big part of the scene they had going on.
But it wasn't about drugs. It was about love and brotherhood and getting
along. The news people didn't quite get it.
So the kids decided to take their show downtown. They got the proper permits
and all that good stuff and set up their free soup kitchen right in the
middle of downtown.
It was such a glorious event!!! It lasted for three days and over 75 people
got feed each day. There were drums and dancers, babies and hippies, the
works --> it was like a mini Gathering set up right smack dab in the middle
of downtown Roanoke.
I can't thank my brothers and sisters enough for bringing love into town.
In a few days they're packing up their kitchen, though and heading for
NATIONALS. I hope that every one in the other towns they stop in can
appreciate their love as much as we do!

Timothy Leary is still Dead! If you spot him let us know. 
In case you are so out of it (like us), you might not have heard that on May 31, 1996 Timothy Leary passed away at his Beverly Hills home surrounded by his friends. He died in his sleep after living with cancer for many years. 
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