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Child of Thunder

A baby boomer music video about communicating - written by an 'old' hippie!
Views: 5875 Rating: 3.05 Total Votes: 111

The New LA Folk Festival

New LA Folk Festival curated by Daiana Feuer. Linda Perhacs, Mia Doi Todd, Les Shelleys, Ariana Delawari, LA Ladies Choir, He's My Brother She's My Sister, Yellow Red Sparks, Olentangy John, Henry Wolfe, Eagle Winged Palace, Robert James, Sandra Sarra....and three surprise guests (which were Featherbeard, Amanda Jo Williams, and Emily Lacy) Shot and edited by Fernando Vidal.
Views: 5903 Rating: 2.72 Total Votes: 130

Scott Davidson: A Tracker in Marin County

I made this short documentary about my friend Scott Davidson who, I think, genuinely embodies some of the principles that inspired hippies back in the sixties: he's connected to nature and earnest, genuine relationships with people.
Views: 5117 Rating: 3.11 Total Votes: 122

The Psychedelic Landscape Dept.

Jon's latest video of his new song.
Views: 7842 Rating: 3.02 Total Votes: 143

Summertime - Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin belts out Summertime.  Can you just FEEL the HEAT?

Views: 11549 Rating: 3.05 Total Votes: 219

Summer of Love 1967

This video features images from the Summer of Love in San Francisco accompanied by techno music (why? isn't there enough good music from the period?)
Views: 12739 Rating: 2.98 Total Votes: 208

1967 Video about Hippies

This documentary about the Hippie Movement features Jerry Garcia, the Grateful Dead and Haight Ashbury.   This documentary spurred the Summer of Love.

Views: 14088 Rating: 2.98 Total Votes: 246

The Hippies Were Right!

Excellent video showing how the hippies got things right!

Views: 10296 Rating: 2.99 Total Votes: 227
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