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Current Poll Results

What do you see as the greatest threat to world peace?

Iraq3 %3 %3 % 3.59% (76)
North Korea2 %2 %2 % 2.17% (46)
Terrorism7 %7 %7 % 7.28% (154)
Human Stupidity and Ignorance43 %43 %43 % 43.34% (917)
George W. Bush27 %27 %27 % 27.93% (591)
Fascism2 %2 %2 % 2.32% (49)
US Imperialism13 %13 %13 % 13.37% (283)

Total Votes: 2116

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"What do you see as the greatest threat to world peace?" | Login/Create an Account | 6653 comments
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Re: What do you see as the greatest threat to world peace? (Score: 0)
by Ryan on Tuesday, December 31 @ 20:50:20 UTC
(User Info )

I vote bush because he is all of these things. He is a fascist, terrorist and an Imperialist. He is also ignorant and damn stupid

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Re: What do you see as the greatest threat to world peace? (Score: 0)
by RainbowTumbleweed on Tuesday, December 31 @ 21:53:33 UTC
(User Info )

I voted human stupidity and ignorance because all the things that are going wrong in this world is the doings of humans and their stupidity. People should be able to have their say, but if you disagree its no intellegent to have a war over it. This is the world is and we have no one to blame for it but our selves.

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Re: What do you see as the greatest threat to world peace? (Score: 0)
by Siggins on Wednesday, January 01 @ 01:28:52 UTC
(User Info )

The root of all the evil going on in the world today is ignorance. People hate without bothering to understand the objects of their hatred, they vote without information if they bother to vote at all, they hold opinions on important issues with few if any of the facts. If everyone would spend just an hour every day reading the newspaper, we would all be better off. There is no substitute for an educated public, and nothing worse than mass ignorance. Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

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Re: What do you see as the greatest threat to world peace? (Score: 0)
by Merlin-Peter on Thursday, January 02 @ 19:01:37 UTC
(User Info )

Terrorists in North Korea, Iraq, Worldwide, Facism, Imperialism, George W. Bush and US imperialism are big problems, but they are not the root of violence and corruption. Ultimately it is because of human stupidity and ignorance that the things listed above have happened. We must finally learn very soon the terror and atrocity of war, and to never make it again. We cannot survive much longer on a planet consisting of aggressive people and terribly dangerous destructive weapons.

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Re: What do you see as the greatest threat to world peace? (Score: 0)
by what now on Tuesday, January 07 @ 19:05:10 UTC
(User Info )

only the strong will survive. i don't vote and i won't be registered. did anyone out there know that if you are a registered voter that you can be found. if you owe money to anyone they will find you. if you have done wrong to any governmental, city, state, county, or whatever, they will find you. think about it. if you feel the need to vote or if your friends and family guilt you into the need to do your duty, lie. it's as simple as that. i personally haven't filed income tax paperwork for over 15 years. but i don't owe anything and the though the government TAKES what it wants from me, i work when i can, and they take what they can. i believe any person who makes less than $75,000 per year should not have taxes taken from them. think about it.

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Re: What do you see as the greatest threat to world peace? (Score: 0)
by Bluegrass Man on Friday, January 17 @ 02:58:45 UTC
(User Info )

I voted Human Ignorance. Only because there was no ALL OF THE ABOVE box! Although Human Igonorance is one of the main reasons we do not have World Peace, we should really look at the real reason our society remains the way it is.

No one will stand united!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is that Ignorance? Yes!

What do Ignorant people believe in? Imperialism!

Who do Ignorant people listen to? The best person with the capability of leading Ignorant people.

Who is that? George Bush!

Why will no one stand united? No one can point the finger in any specific direction! Religion, Authoritive Figures, the Government, and countless other reasons have been to blame for all of time.

My best guess: Mankinds' inability and unwillingness to open and speak their minds!!

Are you true with your self, are you real!!!!!!

Will you stand up for what you believe in?
Will you speak your mind?
Will you revolt?
Will you organize?
Will you die for you cause?
Will you unite?

Well, the world is waiting for your answer?

What are you going to do?


Or remain among the masses, speechless when you have so much to offer!!!!

World Peace!!!!!!!! Hopefully, One Day it will come!!

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What do you see as the greatest threat to world peace? (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Friday, January 17 @ 07:44:39 UTC

I'm in high school right now 10th grade an I have beaten the odds over and over I'm a healthy living person who hopefull will live on tell old age, but how many people out in the world have died from Human stupidy car crashes, drugs, war, hate crimes, and ect. America is a country with living people in it, who go to school, live there lives, and are able to go about are day to day lives. America as a nation have done many good thing and many bad things. I hope as a nation we may learn from these things and better are selfs. With out our help many thousands and millions of people would have died in ww1 and 2 and in Africa were we send mony to and food, Russia were we again helped to feed hungry people. Un like use Americans people starve to death or are killed by there own leaders as in Irack. Now there leader points his finger at us and says we are the evil I have done nothing wrong. Yet we have kept many of his own people from death while he kills villages with chemical weapons. For the sake of the kids and teens like my self who live day to day with the fear of death every day from a man who put them around his home so we wont bome him. For he knows americans are weak when it comes to innocent lives at stake. I say war for peace, war to creat a place were kids can grow up and say war is wrong and maby if we can help this one country see that war is wrong and building mass distuction wearpons is bad then maby we american can prove war is bad.


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Re: What do you see as the greatest threat to world peace? (Score: 0)
by spidly on Monday, January 20 @ 17:17:38 UTC
(User Info )

It is human stupidity.

I've seen this article floating around comparing 9/11 to the Reichstag fire and Bush to Hitler. Forget for a moment that socially and economically Germany of the 30's and US today cannot be compared; let's just dwell on what Fascism is.

If people were not so stupid they would not buy into moronic claims like those in that article, they would brush up on a little history, and perhaps learn about fascism before they call others fascists.

Far from being a "right wing" philosophy the fascist platform looks a lot like the GREEN PARTY agenda.

Benito Mussolini disagreed with Hitler on the nationalistic/anti-semetic first 8 points but agreed with the rest

NSDAP (NAZI) 25 Point Platform Feb. 24, 1920

9. All citizens must possess equal rights and duties.

10. The first duty of every citizen must be to work mentally or physically. No individual shall do any work that offends against the interest of the community to the benefit of all.

Therefore we demand:

11. That all unearned income, and all income that does not arise from work, be abolished.

12. Since every war imposes on the people fearful sacrifices in blood and treasure, all personal profit arising from the war must be regarded as treason to the people. We therefore demand the total confiscation of all war profits.

13. We demand the nationalization of all trusts.

14. We demand profit-sharing in large industries.

15. We demand a generous increase in old-age pensions.

16. We demand the creation and maintenance of a sound middle-class, the immediate communalization of large stores which will be rented cheaply to small tradespeople, and the strongest consideration must be given to ensure that small traders shall deliver the supplies needed by the State, the provinces and municipalities.

17. We demand an agrarian reform in accordance with our national requirements, and the enactment of a law to expropriate the owners without compensation of any land needed for the common purpose. The abolition of ground rents, and the prohibition of all speculation in land.

18. We demand that ruthless war be waged against those who work to the injury of the common welfare. Traitors, usurers, profiteers, etc., are to be punished with death, regardless of creed or race.

19. We demand that Roman law, which serves a materialist ordering of the world, be replaced by German common law.

20. In order to make it possible for every capable and industrious German to obtain higher education, and thus the opportunity to reach into positions of leadership, the State must assume the responsibility of organizing thoroughly the entire cultural system of the people. The curricula of all educational establishments shall be adapted to practical life. The conception of the State Idea (science of citizenship) must be taught in the schools from the very beginning. We demand that specially talented children of poor parents, whatever their station or occupation, be educated at the expense of the State.

21. The State has the duty to help raise the standard of national health by providing maternity welfare centers, by prohibiting juvenile labor, by increasing physical fitness through the introduction of compulsory games and gymnastics, and by the greatest possible encouragement of associations concerned with the physical education of the young.

22. We demand the abolition of the regular army and the creation of a national people’s army.

23. We demand that there be a legal campaign against those who propagate deliberate political lies and disseminate them through the press. In order to make possible the creation of a German press, we demand:
(a) All editors and their assistants on newspapers published in the German language shall be German citizens.
(b) Non-German newspapers shall only be published with the express permission of the St

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