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Bill Orton on Hippy Values Question Number 1:
How Does Someone KNOW That He or She is a Hippy?

       It seems like the first question in a column like this should be "What is a hippy?"

       By getting a good, solid definition to such a question, you'd have a clear answer as to whether you are a hippy? Unfortunately, that definition does not exist.

       To BE a hippy is to define yourself. Just as you would not want someone else to define you, so, too, should you refrain from acts of judgment about other people who would call themselves a hippy. Instead, approach hippydom as a question of how you define being a hippy.

       You probably found this page as part of a journey of self-discovery. On such a path, what matters more is not where others have journeyed or what others have been, but what you wish to become.

       Just as with any journey, you must pack well for the trip. Find a sturdy skin into which to place your most prized possession -- yourself. You may encounter a variety of challenges, and when your skin is thick and sturdy, you shall be able to weather any storm.

       What do that mean? It is to say that you may suffer the judgment of others, from people who do not share your ideas about how to lead life. This may include your parents or teachers or friends.

       Be not disturbed that they do not join you or that they seek to deter you. Know your heart. You may not be free to follow your heart right away. If you are young, then concentrate on LEARNING about your heart. If you are old, then LISTEN to your heart. If you have let others dictate to you, then TAKE A SOUNDING of your heart. Do not surrender the most precious resource of all -- hope.

       Some of the very young people who find their way to the mighty www.HIPPY.com site have sent me email (and I am just a contributor to this site), asking "What do hippies wear?" and "When did hippies live?" The answer to the first is "Just what they wish to" and the answer to the second is, "Whenever they wish."

       To BE a hippy is to BE FREE. The fashions that we all confuse as being a uniform are precisely the opposite of what it is to be a hippy. It was not a question of what one must wear. It is a matter of how one wishes to be free.

       If one day you look at your clothes and you see something completely wild that absolutely does not go with another item, but IT REALLY DOES and you know it does... and you WANT TO WEAR THAT, even though it is the funkiest combo in the world.... Then wear it. Be free. THAT is what a hippy would do. Make choices based upon what you feel like doing.

       To be a hippy is to be free. To be free is to seek guidance from your heart. To let your heart guide you, understand that you make choices. Choices have consequences. Be ready to accept responsibility for the consequences of your own actions. You cannot follow your heart without accepting the responsibility for your own actions.

       This is the subject of COLUMN TWO.

       Feel free to write to me, if you wish. If you have a question, I promise a response. If you wish to have the answer printed in this column, just say so in your email message.

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