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In its many forms, sex is one way to explore a relationship. Sex is a natural act. Every person on this planet originates from sexual union, but while it's natural, the empty act of sex isn't very satisfying. The emotions which go with sex make the act magical when it's with the right person. There is no rule that says when you should start having sex. But, likewise, there's no rule that says you have to "go all the way" at first. Sex includes far more than intercourse. Holding hands says a lot about whether you are attracted to someone. Kissing can be passionate and satisfying it itself. Neck for a long time before you go any further. Be responsible when you start kissing, because you never know what a kiss will bring. If you do go further, be careful. Unprotected intercourse can bring pregnancy, the transmission of diseases or the contraction of AIDS. That's all so scary. Don't take chances. Use condoms and check for diseases. There is nothing wrong about having a healthy sexual appetite, nor is there anything wrong with having no desire for sex. And if you don't feel like having sex, make that point clear. You, YOU, and only you decide what you wish to do with your own body, so say "NO" to everyone, if that's how you feel. You do not have to say yes, just because someone else is begging you. THE DECISION TO HAVE SEX MUST BE MADE BY MUTUAL CONSENT, OTHERWISE IT IS RAPE. Rape is wrong. It is also a felony, punishable by years in prison. If someone is forcing sex on you, defend yourself. Scream at the top of your lungs. Disable the agressor if you can or escape. Attack with full force to get the aggressor away from you. If you cannot escape, that work your way into a better position of defense and keep screaming.

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Lilac's Book. A book for my daughter.    By Bill Orton.

Lilac's Book has been on   HIPPYLAND LOGO   continuously since January 3, 1997.

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Back in 1994, I wrote this book, largely in random order, as a gift for my infant daughter.   When I finished the first version of the book, I made photocopies and handed them out to anyone who was interested.   In 1996, I converted the text of the book into web format and thanks to the gracious and steadfast support from this mighty site, the book has been on Hippyland continuously since January 3, 1997.   As far as I can tell from webstats over the past few years, about 3000 people a year are visiting the page to download the full text of the book.   If just a portion of these visitors are downloading the text, then this free book is now in the hands of thousands of people.   This makes me feel that the gift is not just for Lilac, but for thousands of others, most especially for the teenagers and young adults who so often write to me trying to figure out their place in our world.

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