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War & Peace

People fight out of hatred, pride and greed. Now, we see many wars fought over religion, ethnicity and against those who look different. Artificial differences have long served as cause for war. In the 1930s and 40s, the whole world fought a war largely brought on by the twisted hatred and evil of one man, Adolf Hitler. Millions died or were systematically slaughtered. Hitler is dead, but evil and hatred certainly aren't. The roots of many problems are found in history. A country that has tolerance for all its people and cultures, allows each person to express themself freely and provides equal opportunities for every citizen, is a country likely be at peace with itself. Even when necessary, war is not glorious. War is about death. It is not like one sees it in film. Indeed, Bob Denny, my neighbor who earned the Distinguished Flying Cross and five Bronze Stars for service in WWII, said that war movies, never present how horrible war really is. "The horror," says Bob, "is unimaginable."

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