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There is a whole tree of life which defines the animals and plants. Humans are mammals, along with wolves, horses, whales and mice. Humans may be unique because of how we can think, but we still live on just one limb of this tree of life. Science says that our brain is more advanced than that of other animals, but the way we treat the world seems to disprove that. Plants and animals do not exist simply for our own purposes. Nature has a plan for each creature. We are not wiser than nature. Animals have dignity and experience pain. Many species are now extinct, or close to it, due in large part to human activity, which means that we have helped to kill every last member of a certain that type of animal. We have an obligation, therefore, to do the least possible harm to the planet, for there are not many tigers, gorillas or panda bears alive now. Learn about animals. Visit as many as you can in your life. Share companionship with an animal, but never take one from its wild home.

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