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Learn About Hippies
Hippies From A to Z - Skip Stone's new book about the Hippie Movement!
The Way of the Hippie - Find out what makes a person a hippie.
Hip Planet Event Guide - Events around the world of interest to hippies.
Hippie Havens - Find out where hippies live and hang out and why.
Hippie Calendar - See the major events in Hippie history month by month!
Famous Hippy Quotes - Our page of great quotes from the Beats and hippies in music and literature.
Music With A Message - The 40 most influential songs of the 60's and early 70's
Hippy Timeline - Important events of the 60's and 70's that influenced hippies and the world
Question of the Week - Read what hippies think about various issues of the day.
Hippyland Glossary - Learn what all those cool hippie words mean.
The Hippyland Hall of Fame - Our readers voted for the most popular hippie activists, musicians, writers, organizations and more.
Hippie Names - A list of all those fun hippie names.
Flashback - Read stories about the "old days".
The Hippie Survey - Hippies respond to our survey.
Hippyland Drug Survey - Ongoing study of drug use.  Be counted!
Hippiedom - Links to sites about Hippies
The 60s - Links to sites about the 60s
Interact with Hippies
Hippy Chat - Our most popular page.  Meet other hippies for a high time.
Voice Chat - Speak live with other hippies. Requires sound card and microphone.
Teen Chat - The place for younger hippies (under 16) to meet.
Love Connection - Find the perfect match for you!
Ask The Old Hippy - Got a burning question?  The Old Hippy can help.
Hippie Postcards - Send beautiful hippie greeting cards to your friends!
Hippy Database - Add yourself to this list of hippies from around the world. Find old and new friends!
Hippy Profiles - Read about other hippies and their lifestyle, e-mail them or leave your own profile.
Smoke Signals - Leave a message for other hippies.
Hippy Forum - Speak out, voice your opinions!
Young Hippie Forum - For those under 16.
Love & Sex Forum - Discussion about relationships.
Marijuana Forum - Discuss the "evil weed".
Music Forum - Talk about music with other hippies.
Psychedelic Drug Forum - Mind Expanding!
Philosophy, Religion and Enlightenment Forum - Get into a philosophical debate!
Yoga & Meditation Forum - How to unite your mind, body and spirit.
Health Forum - Discuss natural healing methods including herbs, diet, naturaopathy, etc.
Gay Forum - For gay, lesbian, bi, straights and transgendered people.  Discuss the issues!
Dream Forum - Share you dreams and find out what they mean.
Book Forum - Discuss books!
Movie Forum - Learn about hippies' favorite movies.
Story Forum - Add to an existing story or start one of your own.  You never know where it will go!
Connections - Links to other Hippie sites.
Hippie Shopping
Hipplanet's Bookstore - We have a great selection of the best books that influenced hippies.
Hipplanet's Music Store - Whether you're into '60s music, rock, jazz, techno, hip-hop, we got it.
Hip Poster Store - Choose from over 50,000 posters and art prints. 
Hipplanet's Video Store - Famous rock videos and videos about the '60s.
The Hip Market - over 100 stores selling hippie gear, books, herbs, art and much more.
Hippyland's Fashion Forum - Find out how to make or wear to buy those great hippy fashions.

Hippy Activism
The Protest Page - See what things hippies protest, and add your own!
Hippyland's Activism Page- Links to Activist pages on Hippyland and elsewhere.
Politics Forum - Political debates abound here!
Peace - Links to organizations that are seeking to spread peace around the world.
Mother Earth - Links to sites that support ecology and environmentalism
Internet Manifesto - Keep the Internet FREE from governmental interference.
Hippyland's Cannabis Statement - Dozens of reasons why cannabis should be legalized and how you can make it so!
The War on Americans and Freedom - Find out how the Drug War can be fought with a class-action lawsuit.
McCaffrey Lies - A whole page of stats that refute Drug Czar Barry McCaffrey's bogus statistics and reveals his lies and hypocrisies.
Drug Survey - Should marijuana be legalized, decriminalized or what?  Place your vote.
Hippie Interests
The Hip Guide to Amsterdam - Our site all about fabulous Amsterdam!
The Hip Guide to Morocco - An adventure from the Rif Mountains to the Sahara desert.
Psychedelic Shamanism - Learn about the high priests of the psychedelic movement.
Hippyland's Drug Page - Your connections for information, gear, and other sites about drugs.
Music Page - Links to sites about music and popular Hippie bands.
The Mind Expansion Page - Links to sites guaranteed to blow your mind.
The Hip Site Page - A carefully selected group of the best sites for hippies on the net!
Hip News - Interesting news from around the world from selected sources, updated daily!
Contributions - Dozens of poems, stories, articles contributed by Hippyland's hippie friends.
Travel Page - Information about traveling to various destinations with links.
Travel Forum - Planning a trip or just daydreaming, discuss those hip destinations.
Communal Living - Find out about communes and sustainable lifestyles.
Native Cultures Forum - Learn about unique cultures past and present.
The Love Page - Links to sites that specialize in the loving arts.
The Vegetarian Page - Links to numerous vegetarian sites, as well as our own page.
The Munchies Forum - Recipes for the muchies!
Sci-Fi Page - Some cool Science Fiction links.
The Arts Page - Cool links to interesting Art sites.
Hippie Poetry - A page of Poetry from our hippie friends.
Poetry Forum - Post your own poems for all to read!
Random Thoughts - A forum for posting whatever pops into your head!
Hippie Quiz - Test your knowledge of hippies.
Marijuana Quiz - Test you knowledge about marijuana.

Other Hippyland Pages
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
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News Page - With up-to-the-minute news feeds from a dozen sources.
Feedback Page - Letters to Hippyland
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Rave Page - What people are saying about Hippyland.
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