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Dr. Clue's High Times Art
Hippie Chick Icons
Hippyman - 153k original art from Libbe in Sweden(.jpg)

Anti-Environmental Riders - T.R. McKotch
The Peaceful Valley Journal - T. Johnson

The Hippie Song - 295k techno (.wav file )

The Seasons - by JoLi
Poems by Rainsong
Poems by Stasie Diatz
Poetry by Cam Allen
Poetry by hollie stam
Poems by Carmelle
Several poems - by CraigPingsterhaus
A poem - by Paul "cheech" Shirer
Anya's Poem
Loose by Erica Nusholtz
Poems by Beth
Today of All Days by Megan Erin Carr
A poem by Liz
Two poems about Mother Earth
Dolphins by Marjolaine LaPointe
Miscellaneous Poems by talented hippies

Rain and Flowers, by Beth

Lilac's Book, Random Advice and Hippy Values, a book by Bill Orshefsky
The spirit of going Barefoot, by Jon Jayne
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