Cannabis '96
Amsterdam, Holland

Cannabis '96 a celebration of marijuana in Amsterdam took place on Saturday, July 20, 1996. Several hundred people met in the renamed CannabisPlein to hear speaches, listen to great music, check out the booths with marijuana products and just enjoy being high in public. Amsterdam, known for it's tolerance, was a fitting place for this event. Several female police officers made a brief appearance at the site, looked around, smiled then left. Most of the partygoers were busy smoking spliffs, sucking pipes, and checking everyone else out. 

Some interesting booths were there including two specializing in marijuana production. The Sensi and Positronics booths displayed live marijuana plants (it's legal to grow up to 5 plants per person in Holland). Both companies sell equipment and supplies for indoor greenhouses. The Sensi Seed Bank is famous for it's award winning bio-engineered strains of cannabis. Their talent was evident by the plants on display with huge skunk buds (see photo below). The Positronics Sinsemilla Fan Club had starter plants for sale. Other booths included a hemp clothing store, hemp food products, and general information about hemp.

While the possession of marijuana in Holland is technically illegal, it is tolerated. The purchase of small amounts of grass and hash is convenient at any of the more than 450 coffee shops in Amsterdam. See our Amsterdam Coffeeshops page for more info. The mellow atmosphere at the Cannabis '96 festival was yet another example of how marijuana use encourages peaceful coexistence.

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